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About me

Hi, I'm Theresa. I'm a graduate student in computer science at McGill University in Montreal, QC, Canada under the supervision of David Avis. I received my undergraduate degree from Malaspina University-College (now called Vancouver Island University) in June 2008. I majored in computer science with a minor in mathematics.

The idea for this site just came to me over Christmas holidays 2007-08 and I got started almost immediately with determining how I wanted the site to look and feel.

I had a bunch of reasons to put this site together and I'm kind of surprised that I hadn't thought of it earlier. I really enjoy school and get a little bit obsessive with my notecards. My classmates throughout high school and university frequently asked to borrow my notes from class, my notecards, and my test study sheets. So rather than actually handing out the physical cards, everyone can now download their own digital copies!

However, my reasons aren't all so altruistic. Now I'll have access to all my notes at the press of a button as well, no need to lug them around when I want to move them and also quicker searching by topic. I also wanted to try css and thought this was a great opportunity.

Thank you

Some of these notes come verbatim from lecture notes and all of them are based on information covered in class. So a big thank you to all my teachers! They are marvelous.

Some notes about the notes

  • Each set of cards represents one class.
  • The first card has the class code, the section number (if applicable), the teacher, and the textbook (if applicable).
  • Clicking on each card will open a new window with a larger version of the image.
  • Red words generally mean that there is some extra information on the back of the card. Normally used for vocabulary and for pointing to examples and diagrams on the back.
  • Blue words are usually for emphasis or examples.
  • I am in no way saying that these cards are definitive and I have quite frequently found mistakes in them when I have looked back on them. If you find any mistakes, spelling or otherwise, please e mail me at
  • Any corrections will be listed below the card